Plank C-Beam

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The Beam Sections are arranged in one direction to create a linear ceiling effect, and are used to support the ceiling panels and light fittings. Beams can be produced in a verity of width 75mm, 100mm, 150mm and tiles are generally supplied 254mm wide to standard length.

1264 * 254 mm Concealed “PLANK” Plain Panel False Ceiling System.

Panel Details (Galvanized Steel):
Metalium make Panels shall be fabricated from 0.50mm TCT Galvanized steel sheet. Panel shall be square edged. Panel size shall be 1264 mm * 254 mm and shall be coil / powder coated on continuous paint line.

Edge Profile: Edge profile shall be L- shaped, roll formed out of 0.5mm Aluminum /Galvanized steel strips with coil coating or powder Coating in standard colors.

Paint Detail: Panel shall be chromatized for maximum bond between metal and paint, enamelled twice under high temperature, one side with full primer and finish coat, the other side (Inner Side) with a primer coating and skin coat on continuous paint line.

Suspension and Installation Details: 0.50mm Galvanized steel Carrier 100 mm in width shall be installed with the help of 100 mm width Hold on Hanger. 4mm dia rod, top and bottom portion of rod shall be rounded, Top end shall be screwed to slab and bottom shall be fixed to Hold on Hanger. Spacing of suspenders shall be max. 1200 mm and shall be fitted to Hold on Hanger with Height adjustment suspension clip. The spacing between the carriers shall be 1364 mm centre to centre and the flanges at each end of the plank shall rest on the top of the exposed carrier. Pressure clip shall be
provided along the length to hold the Panels.

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